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Milk Street Investments

In 2017, we created Milk Street Investments, founded by Paul Ciriello, Wan Li Zhu, and Dr. Haris Tabakovic.  Milk Street Investments uses data science and predictive analytics to identify investment opportunities and augment the venture investment process. Bringing together venture capital, strategy, and data science expertise in an integrated model gives us a unique set of perspectives on the critical components of success in startups, which we use as board members, advisors, and co-investors. 

Our investment focus is early stage. We back high-potential founders and teams working with technologies and business models that create and lead markets.

Our investments focus on data-driven businesses including new marketplace platforms, financial services, cybersecurity, real estate technology, and supply chain and logistics companies.

Milk Street Investments Team

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Selected Active Investments

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University Affinities

The Milk Street Investment team has founded and managed MIT Alumni Angels as an open-system platform connecting people and investment opportunities. Since its inception in 2014, the open exchange of MIT Alumni Angels, its affiliated groups in Boston/Cambridge, San Francisco, New York, Washington, and London, has enabled thousands of startup opportunities to be showcased and connected with thousands of founders, investors, mentors, and friends.

Similarly, the Harvard Founders Network, co-founded by the Milk Street Investment team, provides a unique platform for founders in the Harvard community to engage with each other in a supportive and friendly environment.